44th Berliner Kranich



November 23rd to November 24th 2024


Andreas Urban, Go-Verband Berlin
Coordination: Bernd Schilfert, HumboldtInitiative


Main building of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

Final round Berlin championship 2023

Friday evening at 19 o'clock the final of the Berlin championship will take place at Hedwig-Dohm-Haus (Ziegelstr. 4).

A special guest will both comment the final game of the Berlin championship and the tournament games

We are very glad to present the fine Japanese food from our Japanese friends!

Registration deadline

Sat, Nov. 23rd 2024, 10.30 o'clock
(only registered players can be drawn)


1st Round: Sat, 11.00 o'clock
2nd Round: Sat, 14.30 o'clock
3rd Runde: Sat, 17.30 o'clock
4th Round: Sun, 10.00 o'clock
5th Round: Sun, 13.00 o'clock

Price giving

Sun 16 o'clock


5 rounds Mac Mahon, 60 min main thinking time, progressive Byoyomi: 15 stones/5 minutes, 20 St/5 min and so on, 6 komi
children can play; 2x 13x13 or 1x 19x19 games per round, the results will be sent to the EGF - rating list


1st. prize: 250,- Euro
2nd price: 150,- Euro
3rd prize: 100,- Euro
Best pupil/student: 75€
Best female contestant: 75€
From 4 wins on there will be book prizes


It will be played with Japanese standard rules with the additional usage of the positional super KO rule.

Entry fee

adults: 25€ if paid before Nov. 16th, after that 30€
Members 20€ if paid before Nov. 16th, after that 25€
Double digit kyus 15€ if paid before Nov. 16th, after that 20€
Students: 10€ if paid before Nov. 16th, after that 15€
Pupils 10€ children under 14 years: free


BerlinerKranich at gmx dot net

When you receive the registration confirmation please transfer the entry fees to the following account until Nov. 23th 2023:

Go-Verband Berlin e.V.
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE 12 4306 0967 1135 4859 00


Andreas Urban: 030 473 053 15 oder 0151 144 424 31
Bernd Schilfert: 0176 963 948 82