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Comment There is a great chance that you are reading this article for the reason that you are looking for the very best career. With this, we can give you five reasons to think about a pharmacy technician career.

pharmacy technicians

Before that, it is important to tackle first what a pharmacy technician is. A pharmacy technician is an aide who is trained in all clerical, administrative and pharmacy-related services with the supervision of a pharmacist. To narrow it down, a pharmacy technician is the assistant of a pharmacist.

So, listed below are the top five reasons got from this specific website, why choosing a job as pharmacy technician is a wise move.

Finest Career Ladder

For the next 10 years, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects that the number of employment for pharmacy technicians will increase. This is due to the increase of elders who are in need of medications and pharmaceutical services. Also, the employment of pharmacy technicians will grow because of the developments in research in pharmacology.

Good Pay

Pharmacy techs can enjoy high compensation, particularly because of the fact that the academic requirements for the job are essential for the health industry, which is quite comparable to nursing. The average wage of a pharmacy tech is $11 per hour or $25,986 average pay a year. Just like any other jobs, you can also make extra income in this field through bonuses, overtime wages, commissions, and other kinds of monetary earnings.

Minimal Training

Pharmacy techs don't have to go through formal education requirements, and can also gain experience and experience on the profession. Due to the career trends today, it is recommended for you to finish a secondary pharmacy tech program in order for you to get greater opportunities. Pharmacy tech training are often available at community colleges and also vocational schools.

Adjustable Work schedule

Various pharmacies, specifically in big hospitals are working 24/7. Thus, numerous pharmacy techs can savor the flexibility to select a work schedule that is ideal for them. If you have important things to do during daytime, you can request a special shift such as mid shift or night shift.

Remarkable Career Opportunities

Pharmacy techs sometimes work in various work settings such as retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, grocery and retail stores, research facilities, local drug stores, etc. By doing so, you'll certainly have greater opportunities that you have been yearning for. You may work in a local drugstore as a pharmacy aide and later on look for a job in a big hospital. Additionally, you can advance your education by means of formal training to become a pharmacist, a nurse or even a medical doctor. Pharmacy is one of the toughest branches of medicine, because it involves lots of responsibilities in your part. For this reason, acquiring hands-on experience in the job can be your edge if you like to pursue a higher career in the healthcare industry.

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